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Preventative healthcare

Preventative healthcare treatments and procedures, are prescribed and carried out by vets on  healthy pets, with the aim to keep them in good health for as long as possible. These include administering vaccines, parasite medications, pet identification, neutering (spay and castration) surgery and nutrition.

These healthcare steps don’t only protect our pets, but also us, our families and the public at large. Certain cat and dog worms can affect humans and by employing good care plans, pet owners will create a safe environment for all. Neutered pets are generally less likely to exhibit dominance behaviour and have reduced natural urges making interaction with other pets in public places more pleasant for all.


KGVS offers an all inclusive plan for dogs, cats and rabbits of all ages to provide their preventative health care needs at an affordable monthly rate. We feel strongly that we want to assist all pet owners in our local community to provide first line care for their pets. Please call us for more information on how your pet could benefit from this programme.