Most vets recommend neutering of pets which are not intended for breeding. The prevention of unwanted pregnancies is the main reason, but there are other health benefits as well. The risks of mammary and womb cancer in female pets, and testicular, prostatic and perianal cancer in male pets are significantly reduced or eliminated.  Womb infection in entire bitches (pyometra), which can be life threatening, is prevented by spaying. Castration in male dogs is often recommended by pet behaviourists as an adjunct to controlling behavioural issues, especially aggression.

The best age to neuter a pet is always a topic for debate amongst vets. There are some health benefits of neutering prior to puberty and we are happy to discuss these with you. Whenever spaying is performed it is very important to undertake the procedure when the bitch in not in season if at all possible. Generally only healthy animals should be neutered, unless the procedure is required for medical reasons (e.g. pyometra).