Exotic Pet Care

Pets other than dogs or cats are generally referred to as exotic pets. Although rabbits  are  the third most popular pets and possibly more mainstream, it is good to keep them as part of the group of exotic pets as these animals are very dependent on their owners providing the correct habitat and living conditions.

Exotic pets include a diverse range of species from insects to fish to beautiful birds of prey. The costs of these pets vary from a few pounds for stick insects to thousands of pounds for a rare parrot.  Each species have very specific environmental requirements like temperature, humidity, light and the substrate on which or in which they live. Some are plant eaters, other strict meat eaters and then there are those animals that eat anything. Tortoises may hibernate for a third of the year while African land snails never sleep. Female stick insects can produce babies without the need of a male while getting a pair of parrots to breed can be very, very difficult.  Due to the diversity in this group of pets, in depth discussion on each one is not possible, but KGVS will be very happy to discuss your specific needs on the phone or at the practice.

KGVS provide a very good general exotics service to pet owners, including pre-purchase advice, advice on husbandry and nutrition as well as attending to ill pets.  Where more specialist veterinary care is required, KGVS will offer referral to an experienced specialist for your particular pet’s species.